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Truggies vs Buggies: Which Is Better For You?

Truggies VS Buggies – Which Is The Better Choice For You?

When it comes to RC cars, there has always been a big debate among enthusiasts: which is better overall: buggies or truggies? And as you probably already know, they both have their pros and cons. The best choice for you is going to depend on a lot of factors that I will talk in more detail about below.

Truggies are the better choice for people just getting into RC cars. This is because they are easier to maneuver, plus they tend to handle different types of terrains with ease, but buggies have their advantages too. They are definitely much more nimble and faster, making them the best choice for people who have more experience with them.

Anyways, below I talk a little bit more about the different pros and cons of each model.

Buggies Tend To Be Faster

If you are looking for speed, buggies are the recommended RC car to get. When compared to a truggy at the same price point, the buggy is going to be about 30% faster, both on a straight line or on an indoor course. So they are ideal if you are looking to race with your car or you really want something that can accelerate with authority. Buggies tend to be lighter, and more aerodynamic, especially when compared to a truggy, which is obviously much bulkier and tends to have more internal components inside. 

Since buggies have less ground clearance, they stay very close to the ground, improving aerodynamics and handling, which in turn makes the car accelerate faster. This makes them a great choice if you aren’t going to use the car on very uneven terrain. 

Truggies Feature More Ground Clearance

If you want to ride your RC car on more uneven ground, truggies are the way to go. This is because of one obvious reason: they have more ground clearance. Ground clearance simply refers to how much space it is between the lowest part of the car’s frame and the ground, and when it comes to riding on offroad type terrain, the more the better. 

When compared to buggies, truggies tend to have a few centimeters of extra ground clearance, which can make the difference between crossing a light trail or not. Because of this and the fact that truggies are so versatile, they are the RC car of choice for people that can only own 1 RC car.

Buggies Are Easy To Break

As we said above, buggies are faster and nimbler than truggies, but they also tend to be much more frail than them. Buggies tend to be used mostly for racing nowadays, and because of this manufacturers do not worry as much about durability and crash protection in them. They assume that they will hardly be crashed, and so they make the buggy as light as possible, something that improves the buggy’s performance but affects their ability to withstand impacts. 

This is why I recommend buggies for more experienced riders. If you want an RC car for bashing, then truggies are recommended. They will be able to handle crashes much better than buggies, plus they tend to be easier to handle.

Truggies Are More Versatile

This is pretty obvious but I wanted to point it out: Truggies are more versatile than buggies. And what I mean about versatile is the fact that truggies can perform well in almost all terrains. Truggies are marketed as a go-anywhere RC, and this is definitely true. The typical truggy will be able to cross mud, heavy dirt, and snow without any issues, so if you are thinking of using your RC car in those types of terrains, then truggies are the best option for you.

This doesn’t mean that buggies aren’t versatile at all. Actually, some have as much capability as a truggy, but because they tend to have less ground clearance, they will get stuck in some very rough terrains.

Buggies Are Nimbler And Harder To Use Properly

Everybody knows that buggies are the more athletic and nimble RC car. When compared to truggies, buggies are lighter, they have less ground clearance, they are more aerodynamic, plus they handle much better. They are also faster, which means that they aren’t as easy to handle when compared to Truggies.

In fact, learning how to properly corner a high-end buggy is pretty challenging. Many people crash their cars because they aren’t used to how it handles. They are definitely harder to use properly.

Truggies are much more beginner-friendly and easy to drive. This is why I tend to recommend truggies for beginners. Not only are they more versatile, but they also tend to feature gentler acceleration and much more predictable steering.

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Which Are The Best Buggies Available As Of 2019?

So if you are reading this article comparing truggies to buggies, there is a big chance that you are in the process of getting yourself one of the two. If you are specifically looking for a buggy, then I have some recommendations for you! these are in my opinion the best buggies of 2019.

Losi 8IGHT Nitro RC Buggy – The Best Choice For Speed Demons!

After using this RC car for a while now, I have come to a conclusion about it: This is one of the best nitro RC cars on the market. This is officially a 1/8 scale car, so it’s a little bit bigger than your typical 1/10 model, and it’s also quite faster than them too. This combined with the fact that it’s one of the best handling buggies on the market makes this one of the top RC cars available as of 2019.

One of my favorite features of this car is the fact the motor generates so much power. This RC car has a .21 nitro engine which will generate a lot of torque at all ranges, perfect for more experienced RC enthusiasts! There is also an electric version of this buggy for those who prefer battery-powered RC cars.

Handling is also one of the strong points of this buggy. In fact, this is perhaps the best handling RC car that I have ever used. The Losi 8IGHT has really developed a reputation for being very easy to turn and drive fast, so if you are looking for an RC car with very precise steering, then you really should check this RC car out!

The only bad thing about this RC car is the fact that It’s not very cheap. This is definitely an RC car more targeted toward hardcore enthusiasts so if you are on a budget and are looking for something more affordable, check the buggy below!

Redcat Racing Tornado – Entry-level Brushless Motor!

The Redcat Tornado has recently become my recommended choice when people ask me about which entry-level buggy they should get. It has everything you look for in a beginner’s model, including affordability, durability, and bang for your buck. Its brushless electric motor is no slouch either, providing surprising amounts of acceleration from its stock battery. This is definitely a must-have if you really want a brushless buggy without breaking the bank.

Back when I was in the process of buying my first RC car, one of the main goals that I had was getting something that was going to last me sometime. I did my research and bought myself a Redcat model, and I think you should do the same! They are my brand recommendation for anybody looking to get into this hobby due to the fact that they make durable entry-level RCs that won’t break as soon as the car bumps into a wall.

This is why I recommend this model so much: It can take quite the punishment! The Tornado uses mostly aluminum on its frame which suggests flimsiness but this is not the case at all. If you haven’t used an RC car before, let me tell you that learning how to properly maneuver one can be quite the ordeal, which is the reason why you really want something that can handle some bumps and abuse. The Tornado will be able to handle all that and even more, making it an excellent pick for any newbie!

The Best Truggies Available As Of 2019

Arrma Senton – Sick Looking Truggy With Great Performance!

If you are looking for a truggy with high ground clearance but don’t want to make any compromises when it comes to speed and handling, then the Arrma Senton might be a good choice. This is a very capable truck which is excellent if you need something that will handle all kinds of terrains, from your home’s driveway to heavy mud conditions. It’s also unusually fast and nimble for a truck of its weight.

The first pro about this model is that as I said above, it is a very capable RC on all types of terrains that will also handle rather well given its weight. Expect this to handle almost as well as the Losi 8IGHT above, while sporting higher ground clearance. It is no slouch in the acceleration department either!

One of the other things that I love about this model is the fact that It looks so distinctive and cool! I personally prefer buggies because they have a meaner appearance but I fell in love with this model as soon as I saw it.

Anyways, if you are looking for something with a lot of ground clearance without losing on handling, maneuverability, and speed, this might be the truggy for you.

Traxxas Slash – Classic Truggy At An Affordable Price!

When it comes to affordability, durability, ease of use, and fun factor, the Traxxas Slash is one of the best choices on the market. This is my top pick for best entry-level RC truggies for several reasons. The first one is that it’s so easy to use. When compared to toy-grade models, hobby grade cars tend to be a little bit more technologically advanced and more complicated, with new things to worry about like bigger batteries and nitro fuel.

And so, the average RC car can be quite overwhelming for the new enthusiast. If this is your case, then take a look at the Traxxas Slash. This RTR Truggy is super simple to set up and get going. Also, Traxxas has really developed a reputation for having excellent customer service, which will help you out if you aren’t sure about something with the truck or if you are looking for spares.

Another reason why this is on this list is the fact that it’s quite reliable and sturdy. If you are looking for a new truggy, then one of the main things that you should be looking for in one is sturdiness, and the Slash is not going to disappoint you with that. This truck will keep running after being crashed countless times, which is exactly what you want on a 4WD truggy. And even if you do break a servo or a turnbuckle, replacing it is super easy since there are a lot of cheap spares for this model.

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