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Traxxas VS Losi: Which Brand Is Better?

Traxxas VS Losi: Which Brand Is Better?

When it comes to RC cars, Traxxas has developed a reputation for making high-quality models that any other brand would be envious of having in their lineup. From their entry-level slash to their 1:5 scale stalwart the x-Maxx, Traxxas has something for everybody, and they have worked hard to become one of the premier RC car makes today.

But there is a brand that has always competed toe to toe with them: Losi. Founded in 1988, the brand quickly grew and expanded because of their high-quality products that really appealed to the hardcore enthusiast especially. In this article, I will be comparing both brands, their models, and I’ll mention the pros and cons of each brand so that you can be more informed when comparing these 2 acclaimed makes.

Traxxas Tends To Be The Better Choice For Bashing

When it comes to backyard bashing, Traxxas tends to be the better choice. Traxxas is well known for their 1/10 trucks, being one of the first manufacturers to popularize them among the enthusiast crowd. The Stampede is one of the world’s best selling RC cars, and it was immediately lauded when first introduced because it was so good for bashing.

Traxxas then developed other trucks that also became best sellers, such as the entry level Slash and the 1:5 X-Maxx. Traxxas eventually became the manufacturer of choice for people looking for a good truggy, especially among beginners. I would personally advise this brand if you are looking for an entry level basher.

Losi has really caught up to Traxxas when it comes to RC trucks, but they are still not on the same level, at least in my opinion. Most of the people that I talk to in real life agree that their buggies and 1:16 models are the best stuff they make.

Losi Is Superior For Racing

Traxxas might be the better choice for bashing, but when it comes to racing, Losi reigns supreme. This is because of several reasons. First of all, Losi tends to use more powerful motors on their cars. They are well known for using brushless instead of brushed motors on most of their buggies, unlike Traxxas which tends to use brushed more often.

Using a brushless motor has a lot of advantages over a brushed motor. Brushless motors offer significantly more performance plus they tend to last much longer. The only problem is that there are some brushless motors that aren’t waterproof, but aside from that, they are the superior choice.

Losi is well versed when it comes to racing models. Their buggies are in my opinion superior to the one Traxxas offers, and they tend to feature more durable components throughout. Also, they were one of the first manufacturers that started making decent mini RC cars, which are mostly used for racing in mind. Back then, most RC cars under 1:16 were toy grade crap, and Losi changed the game when they introduced the nimble Mini-T. Several manufacturers hopped on the mini RC car craze, but Losi was the most popular of them all.

Traxxas Is More Beginner Friendly

If you are something looking to get into RC cars, then I would strongly recommend Traxxas. They are in my opinion the manufacturer with the best entry level RC cars, and this is because they are easy to use, they tend to be rather sturdy for the pricing, plus they look sick if you ask me.

Folks buying their first RC car need to be concerned about 2 things: Sturdiness, and price. Sturdiness is important because beginners are probably going to crash their trucks a lot. Because of this fact, getting something that will withstand a good amount of abuse is needed. And pricing is obviously another consideration. It’s best to get something cheaper when first starting out and then move to something more expensive and fancy as time goes on.

Another big reason why Traxxas is such a good choice for newbs is the fact that they have great customer support, which brings me to my next point.

Traxxas Has More Aftermarket/Customer Support

Another reason why Traxxas is such a good choice for beginners is the fact that their customer support is top notch. Honestly, nobody even comes near Traxxas in this department. If you accidentally break a part of your truck, you can always contact Traxxas so that they can provide assistance to you. They will either give you specific instructions on how to repair it, they will sell you the exact parts that you need, and they might even offer to repair it themselves for a fee. They are a beginner’s dream.

Also, they have done a good job with parts. Finding and buying a part for a Traxxas RC car is a piece of cake. They have all the parts that you need on their website. You simply put the model that you have on their webpage, and the system will find you all the parts for that specific car. Finding spares is a piece of cake this way.

Losi has a similar system in their webpage, but from my experience, it’s harder to use when compared to the Traxxas one. Also, their customer service isn’t as helpful. Because of this, Losi is definitely a brand more suited for more experienced users.

Losi Is A Better Value For The Price.

Since Losi tends to spend a little bit more money on making sure that their car’s parts are as high quality as possible, they tend to be more durable than Traxxas models, especially those made primarily for racing. While the quality for Traxxas monster trucks and truggies is very good, their other models aren’t as durable as they should be given they are a brand that is more focused toward newbies.

Because of this, I think that Losi cars are a better value for the price. Losi models are probably going to last you longer than an equivalent Traxxas model. This is why the price of the average Losi is higher than the average price of a Traxxas.

Traxxas Tends To Have More Technology

Traxxas tends to spend a little bit more on technological advancement for their cars. More and more of their cars are starting to feature electronic stability systems that resemble those found on modern cars. While some people find these advancements gimmicky, It’s hard to argue the effectiveness of this new technology.

Losi has definitely innovated, but they tend to spend more of the money on the quality of the parts while focusing less on R&D. This might be a pro or a con depending on the preferences of the buyer.

Losi’s Are Harder To Find

Since Losi models tend to be a little bit more expensive, they are also a little bit harder to find. If you go to your nearest hobby shop, its probably going to be full of Traxxas models, while Losi models are going to be much more scarce.

This means that as I said above, Traxxas parts are also going to be much more plentiful, while Losi parts are going to be more expensive and harder to find.

Which Is The Better Choice For You?

The better brand for you is going to depend on several factors, including your experience using RC cars, if you are going to race with them or you prefer bashing, among other things. But to keep it short, Go with Traxxas if you are looking for a backyard basher or if you are looking for an entry-level model. Go with Losi if you are looking for something with more power to race or if you have more money to spend.

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