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Reasons Why You Must Get An RC Car Toy For Your Dog To Chase!

A Few Reasons Why You Must Get An RC car Toy For Your Dog To Chase!

I have been riding RC cars for a while now, so I personally thought that I have seen it all already. But I was wrong. My family recently brought a 4-month-old Shih Poo dog to the house, and after playing around and caressing him on the lawn for a while, I quickly grabbed my RC truck like I usually do and then I went right ahead and started using the car.

The dog (he’s called boogie) was surprisingly attentive to the car, following it around as if it had a treat on the top of the frame. So, after I while a came to a conclusion: an RC car is a great toy for energetic puppies and bigger dogs alike. If you have a dog, buying them a small RC car or truck is a great way to have a good time in your patio or lawn. There are also other reasons why you should be getting an RC car to play with your dog, so check below to know more!

Reasons To Get An RC Car To Play With Your Dog

So like I said above, an RC car is a surprisingly good choice for those dogs that just won’t get tired of playing fetch. As long as you get something that is faster than the dog, any model will do the trick. Anyways, here are the reasons why you should get an RC car to play with your pupper.

An RC car Is A Perfect Choice If You Want To Play With Your Dog But Don’t Want To Move Much Or Stand Up.

This is one of the great reasons why every dog owner should get an RC truck or car for their pets. If you have a bad back, or simply are too tired from working out, you can just lay down on your couch or sit on the backyard while your dog chases the car the way it chases its tail.

I personally loved to play with my dog at first, but I’m a more sedentary guy and Shih poos seem to have a lot of energy, so I eventually grew tired of playing tug of war with him. RC cars became a good way to play with my dog when I got tired of petting and pulling on a rope. If this is also your case, then an RC car is going to be a solution, as long as your dog doesn’t get scared of the car of course.

Making Your Dog Follow An RC Car Is A Great Way To Make It Exercise

If your dog is overweight or obese, chances are that you want to make him lose a couple pounds so that he’s healthier. And one of the best ways to do so is by making him chase after an RC car.

Many dog owners tend to put their dogs on a treadmill for their exercise, but I think this is a much healthier method for dogs because not only does it feel more natural for the animal, but you can also regulate the speed of the RC car, plus you get to have fun too. This works even better if you stick a small number of treats on the back of the car!

Which RC Car Is Best To Play With Dogs

When it comes to the best RC toys for dogs, there are several good choices on the market. If you already have an RC car, then using it to play with your dog is going to be fine, as long as your dog doesn’t chew it when he gets a hold of it. But if you are worried about your furry friend destroying it, then it might be wise to get a smaller RC car that won’t cost much in case your dog breaks it.

The best models to get are trucks that are big enough that your dog is going to have a hard time fitting them into their mouth. Animal RC toys are not a good idea because of several reasons. First of all, they are quite small and so your dog might be able to easily break them. Another reason why I don’t recommend them is the fact that they are quite slow. Your pet is probably going to easily catch up to them.

Anyways, below are the RC cars that I would personally recommend if you wanted to play with your dog with one. Most of the models on the list are affordable, electric, either truggies or trucks and 1/16 scale or under.

iMeshbean 1/18 Electric RC Car – The Best Choice!

If you are looking for an RC car toy for your dog, then this is possibly the best choice on the market. This is a great model because it’s ridiculously fast for the price. Medium sized dogs are going to have a hard time catching up to this model since it can do over 35 MPH. This model is also big enough to ensure that it doesn’t get rolled over by your dog.

Also, this is a great choice because its not very expensive. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an rc car only to have your dog break it in pieces in a few hours or ignore the car altogether. This is overall the best car on the list for playing with dogs.

Yezijin Waterproof RC Car 1/16 – Durable And Versatile

This beautiful blue truggy is another great choice for playing with dogs. This model is very similar to the one above, but it’s a little bit more expensive and more durable too. The materials of this model are quite sturdy given the price point, which isn’t a surprise given that this car is made for light offroading.

This would be a great buy for driving on grassy or uneven terrain. Also, this is also a very fast model. your pet is going to have a hard time catching up to this car.

Vatos 1/16 Desert RC Car Buggy – Very Affordable Choice!

This model is another option if you are looking for something a little bit more affordable than the choices above. This RTR model offers a good value for the price, which is really low. The materials aren’t anything to write home about though. If your dog likes to break stuff, then it might be wise to go for another choice on this list. But if your dog is smaller, and you don’t think he’s going to chew on the car, then this is a good choice, especially if your pet doesn’t run fast, since this model isn’t as quick as other RC cars on this list.

SPESXFUN 2019 RC Car – Perfect For Energetic Dogs!

Similar to the Vatos model above, this car differentiates itself by being significantly cheaper than most cars on this list. This car is surprisingly springy and nimble, with decent handling, perfect for energetic dogs. From what I have heard though, this isn’t as reliable as other RC trucks, with the stock batteries being a point of concern. But still, people on a budget should check out this model.

NBD Corp RC 6 WD Rock Crawler – Best For Rocky Terrain

If you want to ride on more uneven terrain (rocks or heavy dirt), then this is a great choice. Aside from the fact that this is a pretty affordable model, its also, in my opinion, the best choice for heavy offroading. Just make sure that your dog isn’t as fast because this model is a little bit undersized. But if your dog is on the slower side and you need something with decent ground clearance, this could be a great RC car.

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