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How Often Should You Replace RC Car Tires?

How Often Should You Replace RC Car Tires?

RC car tires, just like conventional tires found on real cars, will eventually wear out from constant use.  If you have never changed the tires of your car, it is possible that they are completely destroyed and worn from constant friction. And even if this isn’t the case, you might be wondering how often should RC car tires be replaced. No tire is going to last forever, so it’s important to know when a new set is needed.

The answer is that RC car should be replaced every 3 months on average. But this is only assuming that the RC car was used normally. You might have to replace the tires more often if you tend to ride more aggressively, on harsher terrain, or if the tires used on the car aren’t very resistant.

Other factors that might affect how often tires should be replaced include if the RC car rider is braking abruptly, and extreme temperatures, among other things.

There are a few other factors that will affect your tire wear. Below I talk a little bit more about that and also I talk about how long does the average RC car tire last. Also, if you aren’t willing to change your tires, there are a few ways to make sure the tires last as long as possible. Check below to know more!

Factors That Contribute To Premature Tire Wear

Aside from the factors that I talked of above, there are a few other things that will most likely reduce the quality of your tires and prematurely wear them. These include:

  • Heavy Track Use: If you are an enthusiast who is into indoor track racing, then you probably know that even 30 minutes of hardcore track looping will completely shred your tires. Indoor tracks use a special material that is very grippy. This is good because the tires aren’t going to be chirping, but the problem is in the turns. The aggressive turns found on the typical indoor track are very challenging and harsh for the typical tire, which might not withstand such pressure. The heavy turns will most likely to a number to car’s tires, so if you are used to riding this way, you are probably going to have to spend a lot of money on replacements over the years.
  • Using The Wrong Tires For The Wrong Terrain: If you are thinking of using offroading tires on paved roads, then they won’t last you a long time. This is because offroading tires tend to have to aggressive tread that is meant for muddy conditions. Not only will your car not accelerate as readily, but you also risk damaging your car’s internals. Using tires with deep thread is a waste of money on on-road conditions. The same thing applies for slick tires on trail-like conditions.
  • Riding While Raining: If you ride your car while it’s raining or in a wet street or road, your tires might not provide adequate traction. It’s much easier to drift on wet roads, and like I said above, chirping tires and drifting on the RC car will seriously deteriorate the tires. If you tend to ride aggressively on wet conditions, chances are that you are destroying your tires.
  • Doing Stunts And Tricks On Your RC Car: While doing things like donuts and drifting your car might be fun and everything, They will also destroy your tire’s rubber. If you are interested in doing these stunts and tricks, hobby shops sell special tires specifically meant for this purpose. These tires are very slippery, perfect for doing these types of tricks and stunts. Buying those special tires might be recommended instead of using normal ones for donuts and drifting, which are specifically meant for putting the power down instead of sliding around.

How Long Does The Average Tire Last?

RC car tiresIf you want to know how often to replace your tires, chances are that you also want to know how long does the average RC car tire last. And like I said above, this is going to depend on several factors, but the quick answer is that they will last about 3 months with heavyish use, and about a year with normal use. If you do not use your car much, then they will obviously last indefinitely.

One of the main factors that affect how long the tires last include the build quality of the tires. Cheap Chinese generic tires will not last you more than 3 months, even if you treat them gently, but they are super cheap though. A proper set of tires will be over 25$, but they are well worth it because they are going to last you a very long time, even if you mistreat the tires and use them in the wrong terrain.

High-quality tires tend to have better materials throughout, including the outside casing and the foam inserts. Some more expensive tires meant for performance will use more costly plastics for added grip and durability.

How To Make Tires Last Longer

If you are interested in making your tires last as long as possible, there are a few things you can do at home to make sure they last as long as possible. these include:

  • Before Riding, Spray WD-40 On The Tires: This is a well-known preservation method among RC enthusiasts. Spraying WD-40 to your tires before riding will soften them up, improving grip and ensuring they have as much traction as possible. Using WD-40 will also make your tire’s last longer by acting as a water repellant, which is perfect for riding on mud. Just make sure you apply the WD-40 lightly and avoid overspraying the tires. Also, MAKE SURE the WD-40 doesn’t get to the brakes or else you might have to replace the pads.
  • Rotate Your Tires: Another great way to really get the most out of your tires is by rotating them, that is, changing their placement. This means flipping the top left tire and top right tire and doing the same for the back tires too. The way this works is by ensuring that the wear is evenly spread among the whole tire, instead of just one part. If you inspect your car’s tires, then you might notice that the outside part of the tire is significantly more worn than the inside tread. If this is the case with your tires, then doing a rotation will definitely ensure they last significantly longer than without doing so.

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