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Goodwill – The Cheapest Way To Get RC Cars

Goodwill – The Cheapest Way To Get RC Cars

Everybody knows how expensive RC cars can be. I mean, an entry-level buggy can cost over 200$, and that’s without even buying nitro fuel or batteries. Because of this, you probably might be looking for a way to save some money on RC cars. Not everybody has 500 dollars to spend every few months, so if that’s your case, there’s actually a really cool way to get some decent RC cars.

And that way is finding them on Goodwill Thrift Stores. Most of us know this organization because of the assistance efforts they provide to local communities, and one of the main ways they do so is by operating thrift shops where you can find cheap clothes, toys, and electronics, among other things.

One of my friends has managed to get a few hobby-grade models from them. He initially got a Kyosho car for about 10 dollars from them, and that day on he started visiting them once every few weeks. And I started doing the same :3

It seems that many people shopping at the thrift shops do not realize how much value these RC cars have, so they tend to stay unsold for rather large amounts of time.

You can easily find older Tamiya, Traxxas, and Losi cars at very cheap prices. You will also find a lot of die-cast models in the store. You can also find RC helicopters and boats in them. Any hobby stuff really.

If you buy a modern RC car that is still on the box, buying models from Goodwill and reselling them is great way to make a quick buck. The main problem is that there are a lot of older and crappy toy grade stuff in thrift stores too, and reselling that might be a little bit more daunting.

But anyways, if you are an RC car fan, check your local Goodwill thrift shop. They might have some gems for sale there!

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