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Do RC Cars Ever Get Boring? Have More Fun With Your Car With These Tips!

Do RC Cars Ever Get Boring?

While I personally love modding and running my RC cars, it hasn’t always been that way. There have been periods of time where I have been disconnected and frankly a little bit bored from the hobby. One of the questions people often ask me is “Do RC cars ever get boring?” And since I have quite a bit of time and thousands of dollars invested in this hobby, I think I’m pretty well qualified to answer that question.

And the answer is that Yes, RC cars can get boring eventually, especially if you do not have friends to race with. If you are the only person that you know that likes RC cars, then it’s more likely that you are going to eventually sell your models in a few months.

But there are a few things that you can do so that you don’t grow tired of this hobby. Joining a community is definitely a must if you are interested in this. Not only will you be able to share pictures with other enthusiasts, but you could also join racing events. Talking from experience, racing RC cars on a track is one of the most fun aspects of this hobby, And you are definitely missing out if you aren’t doing so already.

All Hobbies Get Boring Or Tedious Eventually.

If you don’t do something new, you are going to grow tired of using RC cars eventually. I personally bought my first RC car a few years ago and I had a heck of a time in my backyard for a few months, but while I certainly was enjoying my car, I eventually started using it less and less. I waited a long time to buy nitro fuel and started treating the car like trash, constantly bashing and crashing it against walls and trees.

In hindsight, I think that’s because I simply didn’t have many things to do with the car. Sure, I could have played with it a bit on my backyard or on the park, but neither of those places had many mounds and bumps where I could utilize my truggy’s ground clearance.

Since I had spent a serious amount of money on my RC car, I didn’t just want to tuck it away and forget about it. I wanted to keep playing and enjoying it just like when I first bought it. So I had a few things In mind to make RC cars more fun.

Things To Do To Make RC Cars Less Boring

Join An RC Car Club

This is perhaps the number one thing that I would recommend that you do. If you are finding your RC car boring, then you probably don’t have any other person that you can play with. Joining a club will not only allow you to talk to like-minded people about RC cars, but they will also teach you a lot of stuff about your specific model, like for example how to tune the motor, how to unglue the tires, among other things. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people. I personally learned most of the information and advice on this website from several experienced RC car enthusiasts from the club. And if you do not have one nearby, joining an enthusiast forum is a good alternative.

Find Somebody To Race With

If you haven’t raced RC cars, then let me tell you that its one of the most fun things you can do with your car is riding them on a racing track with somebody else. If you go to a club, then it’s likely that they have a racing track with enough space for 2 1/10 models. Racing RC cars is something that takes a lot of skill because there are a lot of curves on the track. Your skills will be seriously tested on a track.

Start Using And Modding Nitro Cars

If you have an electric model, then let me tell you that nitro cars are much more fun, at least in my opinion. This is because the modding potential is much greater. Tuning a nitro engine can easily double the car’s speed, perfect for track use. Using a nitro car takes a little bit more skill than an electric one, so keep that in mind if you are going to buy one. To learn more about the differences between electric and nitro cars, click here!

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